Developer Leaflet – Responses Now Closed

Posted 26 August 2021

Thank you to everyone who responded to the developer’s recent leaflet drop by letting them know that we are against their proposals.

No planning application has been submitted.

A selection of documents is available on the Buckinghamshire Council website that provide more information on the developer’s intentions – they can be accessed from this website, clicking here will take you to the relevant page.

We will keep this website updated with any changes as we learn of them.

Joint Statement from our Buckinghamshire Councillors

Posted 9 August 2021

The following statement was released by our county councillors last week in response to the recent leaflet drop:


As the Buckinghamshire Councillors representing Little Chalfont, we are concerned to see that a developer is proposing to build a large housing estate on Green Belt land to the south of the Metropolitan Railway line between Lodge Lane and Burtons Lane.
This area includes the former Golf Course and Homestead Farm and forms a key part of the Green Belt surrounding our village.

Any release of Green Belt has to demonstrate ‘very special circumstances’. We do not believe that such circumstances have been shown and that such a development severely risks undermining the local Green Belt and also the setting of the surrounding Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which thousands of our residents cherish and enjoy.

We will also oppose this attempt to pre-empt the new Local Plan.

As your local Councillors we will ensure that the voice of the community is heard loud and clear and we stand ready to scrutinise this application should it be submitted.

Caroline Jones – Buckinghamshire Councillor for Little Chalfont and Amersham Common
Rachael Matthews – Buckinghamshire Councillor for Little Chalfont and Amersham Common
Martin Tett – Buckinghamshire Councillor for Little Chalfont and Amersham Common
Joseph Baum – Buckinghamshire Councillor for Chess Valley
Emily Culverhouse – Buckinghamshire Councillor for Chess Valley
Gareth Williams – Buckinghamshire Councillor for Chess Valley”

Don’t Let Them Take Our Green Belt!

Posted 4 August 2021

If you have received a leaflet from a company planning to build in Little Chalfont’s Green Belt on the former golf course and Homestead Farm, please click here for more detail.

July 2021 Leaflet Drop

Posted 28 July 2021

We are aware of the leaflet being posted through local doors this week and are considering what advice we should give. In the meantime, we suggest you do nothing (which may well turn out to be our advice!).

There is currently no proposal by Buckinghamshire Council, our planning authority, to change Green Belt boundaries, and our position strongly opposing the release of Little Chalfont’s Green Belt for development is unchanged.

Please keep an eye on this site for further updates from the Coordination Group.