Key Documents

Key Documents

There are thousands of pages that have been produced both before and since the Core Strategies for the Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils were adopted. We provide the link to the Chiltern DC (CDC) website, where all the evidence documents for the current emerging Local Plan can be found. There are also links to key documents from the time that the Option 6 land became a preferred option.

Accessing all the evidence documents on the CDC website

The page entitled ‘EMERGING LOCAL PLAN EVIDENCE BASE’ can be found at:

Other important documents that that you may wish to read or download

Draft Local Plan

Description of use of Option 6 development land

Preferred Options Consultation

Covering Letter for our Response to the Preferred Options Consultation

Our response to the Preferred Options Consultation

Interim draft IDS – Post Preferred Green Belt Options

Option 6 description as at Nov 2017

Our letter requesting exclusion of Option 6 – 24 March 2018

The response from the Councils to above-mentioned letter