Key Documents

Key Documents

Examination Documents

Inspectors’ initial questions to C&SB councils

Draft Local Plan – Consultation Response

Joint Representation – Little Chalfont Parish Council and Little Chalfont Community Association

Consultant’s Report – Landscape Visibility Impact Assessment (concluding that SP BP6 site is unsuitable for residential development)

Appendix 1 to the LVIA Report

Appendices 2-15 to the LVIA Report

Consultant’s Letter – Traffic and Transport Implications

Village Hall Presentation Material

Copy of slides presented to residents by the Coordination Group towards the end of June 2019

Draft Local Plan

Description of use of Policy SP BP6 development land

Previous documents have been archived, please see the top menu.

Accessing all the evidence documents on the CDC website

Thousands of pages have been produced before and since adoption of the Core Strategies for Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils. We provide the link to their website where all the evidence documents for the current emerging Local Plan can be found.

The page entitled ‘EMERGING LOCAL PLAN EVIDENCE BASE’ can be found at: