Planning Application

Refused Application Appealed

The appeal details started to appear on the Bucks Planning website under reference PL/21/4632/OA on 16 August 2022. The Planning Inspectorate will consider the appeal at a public enquiry scheduled to commence on 6 December 2022.

The Coordination Group, acting on behalf of the Parish Council and Community Association, is assessing the basis of the appeal and considering how to make the most effective representations at the enquiry on behalf of the community.

The Planning Inspector will have access to all our submissions to date, and will want only new or updated comments. The Coordination Group does not expect that further submissions from individuals will be necessary.

More information will be posted here, following the assessment.

Application Refused!

The application was refused by the Strategic Sites Planning Committee at their meeting on Thursday 21 April.

We wait to see what the developer does next.

Joint objection lodged by our Parish Council and Community Association

The objection is very detailed and challenges, using many planning arguments, the claims made and impressions created by the developers in their application for Outline Planning Permission for the site. Its conclusion reads:

“We consider that our objections, summarised in the Key Points at the head of this submission and then set out in detail, show that this application should be refused, to protect the Green Belt, to prevent two completely unsuitable roads being used for access, and to prevent other harm to the environment, amenity, and infrastructure of our village and its surroundings.  We ask Buckinghamshire Council to refuse the application.”

The joint objection was supported by professional reports prepared for the Coordination Group, which prepared the response on behalf of the Parish Council and Community Association. These reports were commissioned using funds donated by residents in our community. The full submission contained the following documents, all of which can by read/downloaded by clicking on the adjacent links:

Joint Objection                                                                                                    (click here)

Appendix A: Independent Highways Assessment                                 (click here)

Appendix B: Review of Landscape and Visual Impacts                       (click here)

Appendix C: Review of submitted Ecological Information                 (click here)

Appendix D:  Map showing the extent of the Dry Valley                      (click here)

The original target date for a decision was 29 March but this was missed after additional documents were submitted by the developers. A further joint response from the LCPC & LCCA was then made. This response, and the accompanying report from the consultants can be viewed here:

Joint response

Consultant’s report

Outline Planning Application submitted for land between Burtons Lane and Lodge Lane

The reference number for the application is PL/21/4632/OA. To view, please click here.


Our response to the letter addressed to the community by the directors of the development company

Having read the open letter to the community, we feel bound to say that we strongly disagree with its contents and the impression that the developers are trying to create. We stand by all the areas of objection contained in our leaflet. When the joint response of the Parish Council and Community Association is submitted, it will supply arguments against the proposals, based on planning requirements and with evidence that counters contentions put forward by the developers in their application and in the above letter.

Not only will we show that this land should remain in the Green Belt, but also that the proposals, including those for access to the development, are not compatible with the needs of our village. We are aware that there is a housing need in this area, but releasing this Green Belt is not the answer.

We are motivated solely by what is in the best interests of our village.

Issued by the Coordination Group, which acts on behalf of the Parish Council and Community Association.

Description of the Application

Outline application for the demolition of all existing buildings and the erection of residential dwellings including affordable housing, custom build (Use Class C3), retirement homes and care home (Use Class C2), new vehicular access point off Burtons Lane, improvements to existing Lodge Lane access including works to Lodge Lane and Church Grove, new pedestrian and cycle access at Oakington Avenue including construction of new pedestrian and cycle bridge and associated highway works, a local centre including a community building (Use Classes E(a)(b)(e), F2(b)), land safeguarded for educational use (Use Classes E(f) and F1(a)), public open space and associated infrastructure (matters to be considered at this stage: Burtons Lane and Lodge Lane access).


For those looking for more detail:

1000’s of pages of documents were submitted with the application, and these were reviewed by the Coordination Group on behalf of the Parish Council and Community Association.

There was one key document that summarises many of the claims made by the developers, which they believe justify the development.  This is the Planning Statement, a pdf of which can be viewed here.

There was a great deal to challenge in this document, and it was addressed in the joint response from the Parish Council and Community Association, which has been made available on this website.

One matter covered in the Planning Statement was the clarification that the developers are seeking detailed consent (meaning full approval) for the accesses at Lodge Lane and Burtons Lane. The suitability of both these points of access has been seriously questioned by the community since the site was first proposed for the now withdrawn Local Plan. The mitigation put forward by the developers did little to convince that the concerns have come anywhere near to being overcome. The Coordination Group gave a great deal of focus to the access issue and took expert advice on how to counter the suitability claims.

The Transport Statement, setting out the proposed mitigation, is also available to read/download here.

With the exception of the demolition of the two properties plus outbuildings, for which full approval is also sought, everything else in the Masterplan application seeks only outline permission. Should this be approved, it means that detailed plans will be submitted later (these are known as Reserved Matters Applications).

Scoping Opinion Requested by Developer (prior to Planning Application)


Bucks Council’s response can be found here.

The Coordination Group also prepared a response, available here.


The developers who want to build on the Green Belt at the former golf course and Homestead Farm have now applied for a ‘scoping opinion’ from Bucks Council – they are seeking advice on what they should cover in environmental evidence with their planning application in the autumn.

The report’s introduction summarises the plan as follows:

“It is envisaged that the redevelopment would comprise the demolition of existing buildings on the site and construction of:

  • up to 380 homes (including 40% Affordable Units)
  • 100 unit Retirement Village (Use Class C2/C3 – ‘Housing for Older People’)
  • 60 bed Care Home (Use Class C2 – ‘Care Home’)
  • Safeguarded land for a 1FE Primary School/ Primary School Expansion with nursery
  • Community Centre (possibly including retail use, flexible office space, satellite GP surgery) and,
  • New public parkland”

The long report contains a great deal of information about the landscape, ecology and biodiversity of the site, and some information on the proposed buildings.

You can access the report on the Buckinghamshire Council planning website:

You will need to cut and paste this reference – PL/21/3073/EIASO – into the Search field, and then select the ‘Documents’ tab, where you can view the document by clicking on the icon to the right of the ‘Additional Information’ item.