Parish Council and Community Association send in their Joint Representation

The joint response to the Consultation on the Chiltern and South Bucks Draft Local Plan has today (19 August 2019) been submitted to the councils for presentation to the Planning Inspector at the Examination in Public – the date of which has yet to be announced.

A copy of the Joint Representation, together with copies of the accompanying reports from independent consultants are available to read from the Key Documents page.

Now available - latest draft response from our Parish Council and Community Association Coordination Group

The Coordination Group is preparing a detailed response to the Examination in Public.

The latest draft of the joint response is available now on this website - please click here.

New leaflet to be distributed this weekend, detailing how to respond

The Coordination Group is publishing a leaflet to be distributed around the village on the weekend of 6th July, to help people prepare responses to the Examination in Public.

The leaflet and the slides used in the recent Village Hall presentations are available now on this website - please click here.

Meetings held at Little Chalfont Village Hall on the 22nd, 24th and 25th of June 2019

The Community Association and the Parish Council arranged a series of five public meetings at the Village Hall towards the end of June. These were attended by 250 residents, who were updated by the Coordination Group on the current Examination in Public and advised of the need to respond before 19 July.

A leaflet is now being prepared to help people prepare their responses: this will be distributed around the village on the weekend of 6th July.

The leaflet will also be posted on this website. The slides used in the presentation will also be available here in case you were unable to attend the meetings.

Receive updates through email networks (e.g. Little Chalfont Community Association, Residents’ Associations) or, better still, become a member of the Community Association where updates are automatically sent.

What Are the Government Plans, how will this affect our Village Community?

Government planning policy requires proof of ‘exceptional circumstances’ to justify removal of the land from the Green Belt. No convincing case for such circumstances has been produced. Our site performs well against the official purposes of the Green Belt, it is not clear how the plan’s authors selected their ‘preferred options’ (including our site) from the much larger range of Green Belt across the Chiltern and South Bucks which they originally assessed.

Disproportionate Development

In their current ‘Core Strategy’ Chiltern District Council announce their ‘strategic spatial issues’. One is ‘How to Maintain and Improve the high quality environment of our towns, villages and countryside’. How can a small village like Little Chalfont (about 2,800 homes) survive a 25% increase and retain that high quality? In the last few years we have already undergone disproportionate development by comparison with Amersham, Chesham and Chalfont St Peter, with almost 300 homes built at the top of Bell Lane and on the 'donkey field'.

There is no suitable vehicle access to the site.

Present plans are ‘Principal vehicular access to be off Burtons Lane with scope to provide an alternative or improved access to the existing employment uses. Limited access and alteration to Lodge Lane as to retain its country lane character and incorporated into the landscape buffer with the Chilterns AONB’.

Neither road is suitable for the traffic load it would have to take, or as an access for that traffic to the village and main road. The Burtons Lane/A404 junction in the village would become impossibly congested. In our view any access from the development to Lodge Lane would cause Lodge Lane to be heavily trafficked.


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The Planning Inspectors who will undertake the Examination in Public have been appointed and have begun to assess the Chiltern & South Bucks Draft Local Plan to 2036. The dates of the public hearing sessions are, however, still awaited

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The green belt land under threat is the area bounded east/west by Lodge Lane and Burtons Lane, and north/south by the Met.Line and Long Walk. Inspectors hope to hold their delayed "Examination in Public" in the spring of 2020. Our campaign to save the land goes on. Details on our website savelittlechalfont.org.uk Photo K Hoffmeister. ... See MoreSee Less

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5 months ago

Save Little Chalfont

The public consultation on the Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan is now closed. Thank you to all our supporters who have responded to the consultation.
Little Chalfont Parish Council and Little Chalfont Community Association.
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5 months ago

Save Little Chalfont

Please don't forget that this Friday, 23 August, is the deadline for sending in your replies to the public consultation on the new draft Local Plan - which includes a proposal to build 700 dwellings in the Green Belt on this site between Lodge Lane and Burtons Lane. For how to respond, see savelittlechalfont.org.uk ... See MoreSee Less

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